Lipika Sud

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GOOD LIVING (June - July 1999)

Through her innovative ideas and professional approach, she has earned a lot of accolades in the world of interior designing. Her brilliant and creative ideas, once executed, are worth looking out for while going through the article and the photograph, the reader would have come to realise the brilliance of Lipika's work.

HOUSE LAYOUTS (April - May 1998)

A good interior is the co-ordinated end result of a well planned and painstakingly conceptualised design, compromising of not just major but also various seemingly minute details, keeping harmony, aesthetics and functionality in mind her commitment and dedication make her a favorite with leading business houses as well as the educated homemaker.

GOOD LIVING (November - December 1997) Kitchen Special

The author of this lead article, Lipika Sud (Director of Dimension Designers Pvt. Ltd.) is one of the leading interior designers in Delhi. In this article, she is sharing with us her thoughts and practical experiences regarding the design and execution of interiors, with a special emphasis on kitchens.

GOOD LIVING (August - September 1997)

A masterly execution of brilliant and innovative ideas ... as we look into the work of Lipika Sud, a ace interior designer from Delhi having gone through the article, the reader must have realised the brilliance of Lipika's work as to how, through her creative and innovative ideas, she has earned a name for herself which many people aspire for.


This volume carries prestigious designs of a prominent interior designer from Delhi ... courtesy Lipika Sud ... uniquely designed

WOMAN'S ERA (July (I) 1996)

A beautiful house is indeed a luxury, more so when the artistic and creative aspirations of the inhabitants are satiated without inordinate expense, were balance and symmetry (the two inviolable principles of design) are combined in the most functioning manner and, above all, where simplicity is an achievement rather than a drawback.

WOMAN'S ERA (January (II) 1996)

A sensible house, one which makes dwellers both proud and comfortable, is one where the hardware (i.e. the architecture) and the software (i.e. the decorative items within) are entirely compatible and complimentary. Such a thing can only be achieved by taking the right decision at the blue print stage itself.